September 1 2000 at 8:56 PM

Response to You Know You’re a Member Of The AAA When…

You Know You’re a Member Of The AAA When...

People always stop to ask where your girlfriend comes from and if she speaks English.
You’re used to old people giving you the occasional odd stare when you’re out with your girl.
You know at least 7 chat up lines in different oriental languages.
You’ve spent weeks learning a whole new language just to ask her out on a date.
Your relationship is over when her visa expires.
You’re used to her commentating on how big you are.
Your used to your girlfriends looking like total babes without make-up first thing in the morning.
You can tell whether she’s Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Filipino, Korean or Vietnamese simply by her taste.
You begin to refer to girls by using their country of origin more than their actual names.
You’re used to sleeping with 7 blankets on the bed and the heating turned up full. (Get it yet?)
You see the Chinese New Year celebrations as an introduction to potential future dates.
You start a petition to enrol more Asian students at your college.
You rent out an old Godzilla video just to see the scientists’ daughter.
You go back the next day to actually buy the video because she was a babe.
There is a wanted poster of you behind the desk of every Chinese takeaway in the area.
You tell people that you fancy Chinese for supper and you come back with the girl from the takeaway.
You feel like you’ve got some competition when there is another westerner queuing in the takeaway.
You’ve been in trouble with different triad gangs for touching their girls but still go back for more.
Wide eyes and blonde hair are a major turn off.
You only watch Ally McBeal for Lucy Liu.
You respect Ewan McGregor because he got to score with Vivian Wu.
You get confused feelings when you see a western girl wearing a Chinese dress or a kimono.
You feel sorry for the guys with western girls.
You start using the term ‘white trash’ when referring to western women.
You’re used to getting a blowjob on the first date and sniffing her panties on the second.
You’ve spent the past 3 years looking for an oriental looking blow up sex doll.
You won’t watch a porn video unless it has at least one Asian actress.
Soapland beats Disney World on your list of favourite tourist attractions.
You’ve got at least 10 Asian sex sites bookmarked in your favourites folder.
You walked for 2 hours in a rainstorm just because someone told you a new Chinese takeaway opened on the other side of town. (Sadly true but she was worth it..)



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