March 14 2002 at 11:02 AM

Response to kiddie land

You know what? You're right about one thing- I'm not a gangsta, I'm a thug (As I have stated repeatedly to no avail...). Ifv you're tryin' to say that I haven't had my fair share of struggles then you are not as I imagined. I don't want to have to dictate my entire life story but I'll reveal some things that no-one but my family (and a few police officers) knows:

Only did year six of school, due to bullying, racism etc.

I only reached year nine of secondary for the same reasons.

Despite all this I still aspired to attend college, despite the fact that I had in my possession no qualifications whatsoever.

Ran away twice.

Was put in the care of numerous social workers over the years...

And through all this I have learned one thing: You require tenacity and resillience to survive.

So it naturally hurts me when people attack my position without knowins shit about me other than my "name" ("Eustice" isn't even my real name- I just use the pretence on numerous websites.

Ok, so I was being a tad aggressive, but that's how I get when I believe people are making false assumptions about me...

I thought that maybe you, as young dudes would know that on many an occasion it is necessary to "inflate" yourself to look more intimidating-After all, we have alot of competition from other young dudes...

To be a black youth is the on;y way to totally understand what I'm talking about..

Sorry for any trouble I've caused, and if y'all- sorry you all would like I'll adopt the "brushed hair and cardigan" personality and manner.

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