Yep, "Moe's Asiaphile Profile" = Lame
September 1 2000 at 6:55 AM
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Response to Get a clue.

I think (or at least I hope) that James just accidently replied to the end of the thread, instead of picking a more appropriate place to reply.

Anyway, I really think that "Asiaphile Profile" was one of the lamest things I've seen in awhile. Really unfunny stuff. It reminds me, in fact, of a conversation I had with my brother once after Pauly Shore did a show at his University (there's not much else to do there, OK? ;-)).:

"So I went to see Pauly Shore the other day,"

"Really? How was it?"

"Well, he told some jokes about Asians I found offensive. Not because they were racist, but because they weren't funny."

Basically sums up my feelings. If it had been at least funny it might have been a bit more tollerable, but it just looked like a mean-spirited attempt at putting down people who are attracted to Asians. What was even sadder, IMO, was the fact that it was apparently posted in response to an innocuous comment about the bogusness of American Chinese restaurants.

Speaking of bogus food, anyone ever eat that bogus Japanese Pizza? It doesn't taste bad, exactly, but corn wa iranai desu... (A fact no Japanese person could believe when I told them corn was not a usual topping on American pizza) Actually, American pizza is apparently nothing much like the Italian stuff anyway (or so I've heard; I've never been to Italy), so I guess we're even.

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