Ok, I have to fucking say it...
August 29 2002 at 8:44 AM
Lady Killer 

Note: this is a semi-reprint of my original post that got axed.

Virgin Killer, I agree with you in some respects...

Yes, this is Kris' house. Never said it wasnt. But I think all will agree that Kawama definitely resides there too. And yes, he does bust his ass, along with Kris and Oscar, to make this site a better place.

I'm going to give it to you straight from the lip. Please take no offense to this post, because its not personal.

This is how I see it:

Lets say that my good buddy owns a house (Kris). He leases a room out to me and I help with maintenance, bills, all that shit (Kawama). Every day some shit talker comes over running his mouth (you, as Kawama sees you). After a bit, it turns into a constant argument. You want to watch this and that on TV and I don't. So I snatch the remote from you. If what you want to watch sucks.. best believe that I'm going to put it on what the fuck ever channel I want. You hear me? Its a democracy but only so far. Next thing I know, you say to my buddy loud enough for me to hear you, that Im an asshole, bla bla bla. Dude, bad... First, regardless of whether my buddy agrees with you or not, nothings going to change. Im still not going to give you the TV remote. You can bet on that. Second, from now on Im going to think you're a little bitch (no offense, but I'm being point blank). From here on out Im going to gun for your ass all the way. Better watch your back bro, you know what I mean. Basically Im going to regulate on your ass day in and day out.... don't like it? Take your shit talking, snitch ass somewhere else bro.

Now, from your view point.. like I said, Aint much you can do pal. Bite your lip and take it like a rabies shot to the gut. I know my post is harsh, but its the hard facts. Keep your head up high, your mouth in check, and fucking chill for now

Just my opinion again.


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