A somewhat different possibility ...
June 2 2001 at 7:29 AM

Response to You know....

Here’s an interesting other approach to possibly writing an YD book: http://www.mbate.com/

Following the above example, and rather than just collecting what’s already been contributed to the forum, we might wanna think about getting an YD international collective going with each participating dude getting so many days to add their chapter to the book – whether it be a live account of their day-to-day extracurricular activities, or perhaps recollections of past conquests, loves had but lost, or even missed opportunities.

The book-in-development could pass from dude to dude, and potentially be tracked on a world map so others could see where the book’s at, and what’s been contributed thus far.

But I presume it’d take the assistance of a computer whiz (i.e. Kawama) to construct such a project?


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