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August 22 2000 at 12:49 PM
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Yep, I decided I have to do it.

Anyway, we went to Shibuya and Harajuku today, so we were out all day, so I didn`t read your message...that seems a bit out of character for me anyway, and I think a straight confession from the heart will work best. Right now she`s at her baito, and at 9 were going out to dinner. Nowhere fancy, just Gusto. . I thought about what you wrote, and I`ve decided I have to tell her this. I`ve run away from situations like these all my life, and it`s time I faced this one and took a risk, for better or for worse. I know if I don`t say anything I will always think about what would have happened. At least this way I know. I called a male Japanese friend of mine about this, and he told me to do it as well. "There`s no way I would be able to stay at a girl`s apartment unless she liked me," he said. He promised to give me support if she shoots me down. Then he told me もし何もしなかったら、何も起こる。 erm, or something like that. I really like that, and I think I`m going to say that when I start to tell her my feelings.

As for your previous post about getting her a little tipsy and telling her, it won`t work. She`s Zaru, and I`m Yowai. We went to this Austrian restaurant last night in Hibiya and I was Yotteiru with three glasses. She drank much more than I did and didn`t look the least bit tipsy. Anyway, if she shoots me down, I think I`ll need some cheering up. I`ll let you guys know the results as soon as I can, maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow morning. I had a dream last night that seemed to be a good portent, but, unfortunately, I don`t believe in that stuff. ;-)Thanks for all of your help thus far, if she says yes, I feel like you kind of pushed me toward that goal, so thanks. OO-Chan to Kanojo ni narimasu you ni!!!

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