August 15 2000 at 6:36 AM
D J 

Response to A little dead here...how about a "community building" activity?

I have been watching this site for awhile. I would have to say that I am a proud member of the AAA. But i tend to let my buddies know about this, in hopes they will open there eyes to the light, and walk away from the dark side.

I was in Tokyo for 2 months,, enough time to tell my brain I wanted to learn japanese and maybe one day work there. I am 22 Male, I am going to school to learn Japanese, and business,
I have dated 1 Japanese girl, before her was a red head from Virginia and I swear ill never go back to a non asian girl..
I was also in the Marines, as a Scout Sniper, I hope to graduate school, and go to Japan and go to a language school for a year.. and then hopefully get a good job. well thats me. hope to hear a lot about all of you,, I think this is a very good source for connections. SEMPER FI

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