I am the paragon of honesty!!!
May 31 2001 at 12:55 PM

Response to Deception...

I generally tell girls up front that I am married. I missed some great opportunities this way but it is a safety measure I always take. I also avoid girls who specialize in married men. This really narrows down the field, but telling girls that I am Brad Pitt's cousin is not my style.

I do, however, act like I am Brad Pitt's cousin. Every girl I have ever dated (successfully) have noted my "irrational self-confidence". I know that I am not as good looking as Brad Pitt, strong as Mike Tyson or smart as Einstein, but when I am with a girl I behave as if I were. I do not manipulate with words (not often anyway) but I do with attitude. It makes me an asshole to many people but that's the price you pay for having a good sex life.

That reminds me. I should write an essay about attitude. Some of you, at least, will find it interesting.


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