Permanent Landing Strip
August 24 2002 at 4:50 AM

Response to back to basics!!

I once hooked up with this mega hot little honey in Australia. She was 21, from Osaka, and wore those ultra tight, super nice jeans that we all know and love.

I remember the first time I got her back to my place, and within minutes she was hot and obviously keen.

I peel off the jeans to find a tiny little g-string, so I take a moments to view the glorius specatcle. Then, I peel of the tiny G, only to find a perfectly shaved moot, with only a tiny "landing strip" there to add a little character.

She told me the funniest story about it. Her parents had sent her to one of those doctors that specialises in permanent hair removal. They organised a treatment to remove her arm pit hair. Buy when she was in there, she asked the hentai doctor to also do her pussy. So he offered to do it for free. The parents freaked when they found out what had happened, but hey! That's Japan for ya'.

And that's my story about landing strips!

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