Cheating ...
April 27 2002 at 7:56 PM

Response to You shouldn't cheat on a girlfriend

Every once in a while Kris makes a post like this and it reminds me of the good 'ol days. You know, the main page coming on, the forum going up, the first essays being posted. And it reminds me that while he created the beast, it's grown to have a mind all its own and sometimes moves in completely different directions than he intended.

Having said that, although his escapades are what inspired many of us to share, we find at times to be at odd with the "one man, one woman" philosophy. To tell you the truth, most of the posters here dick around with J-girls for a variety of reasons, including their beauty, sincerity, and overall fun/interesting nature, but not to find someone to settle down with (for real). Most are about "have your fun while you're young" and "young" never seems to end until you can't pull anymore, and if Oscar's any indication, that's a long way away. In the meantime some have even picked up wives for visa/security and still play the field. But Kris has always struck me as a guy that has tried so many women in the hopes that one day he'll find the perfect one to marry and get old with - not just as long as her bod is fit. And that is certainly something respectable, even if it is a bit of a hard act to follow.

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