My last few days
July 30 2001 at 7:57 AM

1) Ok, so it was Friday and I had had enough of the girl, M, who is the most beautiful girl in the world by the way. I didn't want to spend the rest of my days here adding to her cd collection. So I met a friend who I've known for 2 years and a few of her friends.
They all work in the Marketing department for a big company. They are very smart and attractive. One of them brought her sister who is a racequeen. Yes, I said a racequeen. Tall, thin, curvy and hot. The original plan was to go to see the hanabi (fireworks). We had a couple of drinks at the racequeen's apartment and we were all getting along nicely. They are 24,25,26 and 26. Then they asked if I would rather go to a club instead and I said yes of course. We went to Roppongi and they took me to a club which is a little farther away than Gas Panic in the direction of Tokyo Tower. When we got there it was a very, very dark club that was underground. This must have been some kind of 'beautiful people' only club because everyone there
was very good looking and there was a bouncer type dude outside who had to 'ok' everyone to get in. There was a cover charge of 4000yen but we got in free because I guess the racequeen (HOT!!!) has some clout.
Also we got to drink for free which was great. I was really enjoying the ambiance and the pounding beat and being the only gaijin in a cool looking club with 4 awesome looking j-girls. At about 10pm we are VERY drunk and then some type of strip contest began. More lights came on there was some almost nude guy who was the MC. About 12 people from the crowd volunteered and went to the dance floor. At this time I am making out with the racequeen and I noticed a lot of people were doing the same thing. Then the contestants took all of their clothes off but most women kept their panties on. I was like 'WOW!! WHERE THE HELL AM I???'. Anyway, the nude contestants had to do some weird stuff that I didn't really understand like putting beer bottles on their chests and the guys pretending like they are having sex with the women and the women kissing each other. It lasted about 25 minutes. There was a winner and then the lights went dark again and the music got louder. Then all 4 girls started kissing me and touching me. I was kind of nervous. Then they each took turns giving me a lap dance. Yes, I said lap dance. Not like in a strip club though. It was like they were just sitting in my lap bouncing up and down and moving round. It worked for me. This went about an hour and we were all making out (like the rest of the club). Then at 2 am we decided to go but everyone was too drunk or tired to have sex so we decided to meet again and do the same thing next week.

2) So I got to my hotel at 3am and waiting for me there was M! She was there with her car and she asked to stay at her place. She seemed to be in a very good mood for once so I went. She was like a completely different person. Very friendly, talkative, giggling.
She had bought me a pair of shoes, a shirt, a cd, a necklace, 2 playstation 2 games and a dvd. So since then I have been with her 24/7. She has been treating me like noone ever has. Very affectionate and warm. We are bonding very nicely. So nice that I have decided to give up on my J-girl chasing while I am here. She is enough. Smart, funny, attractive, caring etc. There is just something special about the way a Japanese girl
treats you (or me anyway) that I have never gotten with a Western woman. The way she holds me and looks into my eyes a certain way when she asks me a question is amazing. I wonder how what I'm going to do when the 4 wild J girls call me to go out again. Muzukashii...


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