May 5 2002 at 10:03 PM

Response to To Be Honest...

I found a Japanese teacher through an add in the Kansai Time Out magazine (sorry guys it was years ago). Called and heard a sexy Japanese girl answer. I went down and saw her..Wow! Tall, tight jeans and long jet black hair. Face wasn't great, but an overall chub producing J-babe. She ran her lessons from a small one room office that her Dad provided for her. Her English was good and she could explain nicely this or that. Well, the first and second lesson because of the size of the room I sat right next to her just to her right. I could smell her nice perfume and barely could concentrate. I had "wood" the whole lesson and the energy felt really good. I blue-balled it home both afternoons after the lesson. Sooo..the third lesson I just could not handle it anymore..Our eyes met on some point she was trying to make and I moved in closer to look at the book or paper or something..placing my left hand on her right leg. I figure my lesson is either gonna end immediately in which case...hell I wasn't learning anything anyway spending the whole lesson wanting to boink her or hopefully.....I might just take over as the teacher..Well, she looked at my hand, then back to my eyes..my heart was beating..she was either gonna sream, ignore me in a very Japanese way or well..she responded. Within seconds her back was on the desk and I was kissing her neck and moving her long hair to the side..she felt what was pent up inside my pants for the last few lessons as I got on top..Rather uncomfortable desk though..We made out and she said..wait, wait..not here. I respected her and chilled the fuck out. That night I explained how to get to my house..She showed up in a short skirt, black pumps and four tall Ichiban Shibori beers! God bless Japanese women! Not only do they boink your brains out, they bring beer!! Anyways forgive me, but I won't go into the lurid details..but lets just say...amazing!

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