Any thoughts....?
December 3 2000 at 3:27 AM

Hi folks,

Like the site. It's got all the stuff a guy needs to know - well almost. I'm a final year engineering student at university in Dublin (Ireland) and I have the opportunity to start my career with a two year contract with a large japanese multinational. The site has a fair bit of stuff on teaching but not much on other kinds of work situations. What I'm tryin' to find out is if it'll be worth my while. I'll most likely start on about 300,000 Yen/month plus yearly bonus, all kinds of other benefits and all my housing, visa and relocation costs will be looked after. I like what you guys like - goin out on the beers, havin a laugh and hopefully meetin a few ladies. I've heard that Japan is incredibly expensive so my question is - given the situation described above - will I be livin hand to mouth or will I be on easy street?

Also - I've heard the Japanese workin day can be fairly savage - is that the case? Are they likely to work the ass of me?

Any thoughts would be appreciated! I would love to go over there and see the country, learn the language (I'll be given 150 hours of formal training before I go over so that I have a few basics) and most of all taste those gorgeous girls but I don't want to go over there and find that I can't have a laugh because I have to work 23 hours a day and I don't earn enough money....!



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