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Sorry guys I lost a couple of your replies when I edited Yoshos message which was unreadable.


Actually I'm wondering if shutting yourself for a year or two isn't normal everywhere around the world. When I was 16 or so I had a huge bedroom, and every day after school my old man would pick me up.
"Have a good day today son?"
"Nothing special"
Always the same reply, "Nothing special".
When I got home I'd immediately go upstairs, lock myself in, and then I felt I could relax. I used to do weights, play on my Megadrive and spank off to anime characters getting fucked in one of the 40 manga titles I owned. Damn it was so easy to get yourself off when you're that age, just a flash of tits..I miss it . I only came downstairs to get food, and yeah, if I knew my parents were going out I'd wait for them to go out first before I crept downstairs.

I thought I was normal. Occasionally my brother, who was, and still is, the kind of guy who can't handle being alone, used to go pyscho on the door trying to get me to hang out with him when his friends weren't about, but I had a big lock and used to bodyblock the door whilst he was knocking. I'd tell him to piss off a few hundred times and he'd get the message. My old man too would sometimes have a go at me on the other side of the door, but never forced entry.

I guess it was desire for adventure that got me out in the end. A friend at school had told me how he'd go steal alchohol from a superstore and then break into disused factories. It sounded like fun, so I decided I'd join him. Wearing my darkest ninja-esque gear, we went out one night and stole a big bottle of Merrydown from ASDA and then went to the industrial sector of the town. Two hours later we were as pissed as farts running around an old disused glass factory that we'd kicked in a window of, pissing on the furniture, setting alight to wooden columns..I had a great time.

We got away with it for about 2 months until we got caught. It was so much fun I often wonder how hard it would be to pretend to scold any kids of mine who do it in the future. We eventually got together a gang of about 8 of us, and used to play war-games in the factories with paint guns. We were all dissapointed when it came to an end, but the cops were aware of us and security had been raised around the old factories, so that was that.

I became a bit of a alkie after that, but socially the booze opened me up. I had a strange period where I would hang around with the town piss-heads and squatters. They were fun at first, they had squatters-rights on a huge property down town, and would party every night. At first I was inspired by the squatters, they had long hair and rebelled against the rules of society, but they were dirty buggers, and their 'politics' were for shit. They pretended to be philosophical, open-minded people, but truth is they were just lazy and didn't want jobs. They weren't prepared to stamp their mark, and would sit around night after night just talking the weed-talk. I got out of there after a little while.

That I think was the point when I came back to reality, you know, went to college, got used to the idea I wasn't invicible, couldn't fight like a ninja, and that there were people cooler/stronger/smarter out there than me.

Well, anyway that's my shutting-in story. Perhaps it was an unusual childhood but full of more good memories than bad.



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