Talking about me?
December 6 2000 at 5:15 PM

Response to Hmmm...

Spill the beans if you want, Oscar. But you won't get the ggoodsh.
Or was it because of your presumptions of not getting the goods, that made you post about OUR secret, hmm?

Guys, I'd love to meet anyone. Just don't forget that I'm a woman, and don't waver to other things besides having a nice chat.....[meeting up(READ:shagging), was it, James? ].....even if I come across extremely sexy men, who knows how to write, cook yummy dishes, has a sense of humor, and yes, who knows how to seduce women. Which covers almost everyone in this forum, no?

That is, unless, I actually want to stray.

Never-failing-to-enjoy-gfun and games"_Miya

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