Don't get me wrong.
December 9 2000 at 12:27 PM

Response to If you guys change your mind...

Actually CD, I was amused when you switched your attitude and suddenly forgot the pain in your dick. I really didn't intend to insult you. But I was laughing my head off.

No I have no intention of playing Miya's older brother. I in fact was hoping that you will have a try at her. That is why I notified you about Miya's post. If I really was serious about defending Miya from you, I would have kept my mouth shut about it. And I definately would not have advised you to post your e-mail address for her.

I really was hoping that you and Miya would meet up somewhere in Tokyo. You will understand my motives when you read my upcomming essay.

And as for you Kawama, the Nambu can wait. At least for another while.


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