Yeah confusing ...
May 9 2002 at 11:01 PM

Response to Re: Re: iyaya, sojanena...

Definately "in context."

I already told you what I though about this.

To reiterate for the Forum, Japanese is a tough language, full of ambiguity sometimes and at others capable of razor-edged specificity. (yes, its a word)

Therefore translation often takes place on a term to term basis, taking into account the situation and the speaker's emotive state first and foremost. Tomomi, think about what YOU mean when you say these words, and you'll find "suki" for a guy and "suki" for a sticker are drastically different things. But I will tell you what every textbook/dictionary/whatever I have ever seen has said:

suki - like

daisuki - like very much/ a lot/ Lit. "BIG like"

and for good measure ...

ichiban suki - like the best/ Lit "#1 like"

That's about as good as it gets, leave the rest up to the context.

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