Is it an essay? maybe...
June 3 2001 at 9:32 AM

Response to Near-Zero: An Essay

I'm gonna agree with the guy who I think hit it right on the head when he said that this isn't an essay.
But if you guys go back and re-read almost all of Oscar's stuff, you can find elements of this in almost all of his previous essays.
I'm concerned that what people might be really criticizing is that this isn't about shagging chicks, but comes from somewhere else...a very different place: Somewhere that a lot of guys don't like to show to the world. I understand it completely.
Is Hadiya right in saying that a "Dude" is someone that is easy-going, self-confident, ladies-man, etc.? I don't think that's all there is to being a "Dude"... Anyone who doesn't have self-doubt isn't living life, they're living in a fantasy world.It might not be "cool" to admit that, though. Opening up to the world like that takes chutzpah.
As for this not being "up to par" for Oscar's writing, it's not perfect. The sentence structure is a bit choppy and he uses too many adjectives Neither does it flow as smoothly as some of his other pieces. But it's not supposed to. This is a tense, angry piece and the tension and anger comes across very well in the writing style. If he were to heavily rewrite it, it would lose a lot of impact. This is something I used to have to constantly tell my ex-wife (who is a writer) when she'd re-write something and inadvertantly take all the juice out of it...
This 'essay' may or may not be Oscar's best work. But it comes from a very honest place, and has a lot of strength to it... I like it. It may not be an essay, but I believe that it is literature.



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