A Book Idea
August 19 2000 at 4:16 PM

Now we've all got stories of our different adventures in the far east and no doubt we'd like to hear them all, so how about this idea....

What about throwing all our stories together into a book? I know Kris is writing his own book but while that tells a full story, the type of book that I'm thinking of would be something like travellers tales. Do you know what I mean?

Say everyone writes a few pages about their own adventures in Japan (or any other Asian country) and we join them all together into a single book. I for one would have liked to have read something like this to get the 'feel' of Japan before going there.

And I'm talking a real book here, not something just to be handed around AAA members. A real book that can be published and put on the shelves where we can all get a share of the profits. I may be overlooking a few details (so tell me) and if anyone is interested then leave a message.


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