April 24 2002 at 5:53 PM
Silver Tongue 

Response to anyone been to hawaii?

Mr. Bloke,

It was a ehile back, but here goes.

1. Most of the best clubs are located right in Waikiki. Just walk around and you'll find something good to patronize.

2. Try to go to a Luah (sp?). They're a lot of fun and quite entertaining. There'a also a chance to hook up with Polynesian girls if you're into that.

3. The Polynesian Cultural Center, about 40 mins north of town, is a great place to spend a few hours and learn about the natives from Haiwaii. Very interesting.

4. Haunama Bay, east of town, is paradise on earth. You can take city transit busses there (#5 I think, but don't quote me on it). You can snorkel in a volcanic bay where millions of fish can be seen. Also, if you go there, make a point to walk around the left side of the Bay out to the ocean. You'll finally find "The Toilet Bowl" and some incredible rock formations. The 20 min walk is well worth it dude.

5. Ali Wai golf course pretty much right down town is cheap golf for ya.

6. Rent a scooter and drive up to Diamonhead. After that, make the climb up the stairs to the top. On your way up, you'll go right into the mountain and see reminants of an old military base that was carved into the mountain. On top of that, the view from there is amazing.

7. GO TO THE MAIN BEACH TO PEOPLE WATCH, JET SKI, AND BOAT. It's busy, but it's awesome.

8. You can tour the DOle Pineapple facility just out of town (NW, I think).

9. The island is small. Make a trip to the morth shore, go to the national park, or whatever it is. You'll know it when looking at a map. Also, that is where some world class surfing can be done (north Shore).Go early and watch these guys, it's pretty impressive.

Have a good trip Tokyobloke.

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