From a Jap guy who's been there ...
August 4 2000 at 7:55 AM

Response to The story of my friend Brett...

From what I can make out from the highly abridged account of Brett's experiences, my advice is ... don't sweat it.

This girl of Brett's is, in my understanding, still a teenager. Girls of this age go through "serious" love all the time. For them (and probablly for Brett, too) a couple of years is a life time. She will love him "forever", but that "forever" is only so long. Don't sweat it. Enjoy while it lasts. And just because you have a "steady" girl in Japan doesn't mean you can't cheat on her! In fact, the more blindly in love she is, the easier to cheat.

In Japan and everywhere else in the world, the most successful seducer is the guy who is not hungry. You can never get laid if you have a look in your eyes like you haven't had one in years. That is why good hunters always maintain a "piece on the side" just to keep his engines warm.This girl of Brett's seems perfect for this role. If I were Brett, I would keep writing steamy love letters to her so that she will be convieniently available when the time comes. Don't try to get her off your back. It's a waste of time and a good pussy. Also, it is better not to make little enemies if you want to go back to where you were. Lovers come and go, but enemies are forever.


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