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August 2 2001 at 2:41 AM

Response to Untitled

...struck a cord for me because I actually know another New Yorker who behaves in exactly the same way. He signed up to teach English in my university a while ago when the Japanese economy was booming at a very good deal. It would have been a sweet deal as it were, but the exchange rate was about 200yen to a dollar then which makes it preposterously sweet. He has stayed ever since but he clearly hates everything here. He is an urbanite who is exceptionally knowledgeable about literature, movies, music, philosophy, culture, history, science and the arts. He was an assitant professor of French literature at Harvard, so what do you expect? But he is an obnoxious asshole who never stops whith his whining and badmouths everything he sees. Also, everything he likes is American and everything he doesn't like is Japanese. Good tempura tastes good because of "American influence". A beautiful girl "looks American" (She clearly looks Japanese). was a stupid name that "only a Japanese could have come up with". And on and on and on....

The guy is gay and is politically very liberal. He was all gaga about Bill Clinton's inauguration speech that named every race but the caucasian race. He raged for weeks about the politically incorrect jokes in "As Good As It Gets". I am sure he believes himself to be an enlighted, non-prejudiced individual. I finally lost patience with the guy when he said Kurosawa films were "silly" because of the hair style and when I brought up the subject later he accused me of making up something he never said. I don't talk to him any more.

So it's not only guys from Luisiana or the ones that fit the Ugly American stereotype that are assholes in this way. He is the only person I ever knew who had a decent knowledge of sumo wrestling who could talk intelligently about Barbara Touchman and Salmon Rushdie.


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