I think I think too hard.
June 4 2001 at 8:33 AM

Response to Old Story

Maybe it's just me with too much freetime on my hands to ponder something so silly. I just really do wonder what makes it so appealing. If I had a say, I'd at least make it meaningful so that was it would be able to express a certain idea or thought or something, and not just be a bunch of jumbled up rubbish.

Of course something like this in our native language sells like hotcakes as well...yet it really has no meaning to it, other than an expensive shirt from A+F. (I just picked the first shirt I found off that page that looked somewhat silly. I remembered a guy in func and stat who wore A+F clothing every single day...one was a shirt advertising Kangaroo kickboxing. Too bad they didn't have a picture of that one.)

  • 26 Red - Nayuta on Jun 5, 2001, 3:09 AM

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