August 3 2001 at 8:33 AM

Response to Yep... NE of Tokyo - Minami Kashiwa to be exact

...I wish I could help. I lived seven or eight stops up the Noda-sen from Kashiwa, seven or eight years ago! I passed through there daily on my way to school in Matsudo (another stop, three south of Kashiwa on the Chiyoda-sen) and wandered around there often, bought lots of funny fone cards from our Iranian friends...but no starbucks there in that day, of course. The only place I remember with any certainty that was there was a Takashimaya...and a Sogo, but it might be closed now. Who knows now. The North (?) side was much livelier, lots of little holes in the wall to crawl in and find a drink or a bite to eat. But it is a bedroom town, more or less...the Chiyoda-sen at Kashiwa is just a feeder line into Tokyo, and Kashiwa is just a spoke in that system connecting Funabashi with Omiya in Saitama via the Tobu railway. Pretty sleepy, all the way from Omiya to Funabashi.

Not too helpful, but explore the area. I did, and loved it. People were very friendly all throughout that northern tip of Chiba... Good luck, I sure miss the area...for silly sentimental reasons.


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