While we're on the subject of 'techniques' and 'lines'....
November 23 2000 at 8:07 PM

This one my buddy used to try, with a fairly high success rate surprisingly!

I't made me laugh out loud when I remembered it (you had to be there).

He'd go up to the girl he fancied and it would be like "Keiko??Is that you?? oh no, sorry I made a mistake..it's just that you look so much like her"..

obviously the girl would go.."Who is Keiko?", and then my buddy would go on to describe his long lost love, and how he was so dissapointed because the girl looked exactly like her but wasn't her, and Keiko was so incredibly beautiful he could never believe he would mistake her for this girl etc etc. Smooth but beliavable if acted out good enough.

The only problem with that using that line was that the poor guy had to constantly bullshit that he'd had a gf called Keiko, and completely make up desciptions of her, as obviously the girl would be interested in what the other comparisons were apart from the looks..

sorry if my english doesn't make sense at the mo, I've just downed a couple of cans..



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