I hope he's ok =(
April 6 2001 at 11:24 PM

Response to Those poor beaurocrats

Heh he does seem to be quite a busy man. When the family and I were talking around the kitchen table late at night he said he normally only got 5 hours of sleep...Plus, he was always busy with something. It seems he's very involved in the community. I remember the saturday we drove up to the dairy farm to pick up icecream and dropped it off at a picnic held for a small group of handicapped kids. Then that sunday I remember him walking out the door with a long string of beads wrapped around his hand. (You know the kind you can buy at buddhist temples?) Some important person had died, and he had to go to his funeral. It seemed he didn't even have the weekend to himself like the typical American worker does.
shrugs The only time I ever saw him around the house was early in the morning, and then he'd come back late at night..and usually the wife had some company over. It was kind of neat meeting all their friends...Especially the one who could speak some pretty good English. We talked for quite awhile, and she helped translate alot of things I wanted to say to my family, but couldn't. =) We also swapped our crazy stereotypes about American and Japanese cultures, which was pretty humerous hearing what they thought the 'typical' American was like. All in all, I really enjoyed staying with his family. They were a pretty lively bunch, and I never was bored. For the week I stayed at their house, I almost felt as though I was part of the family. The only thing I wish I could changed is my ability to speak their language. There's so much more I'd like to say to them, that I really couldn't.

I really hope one day to stop by their house again and tell them thanks. =) I hope he's still alive then ;/


P.S. I could ramble all day about my stupid adventures in Japan. I even met some old 50 year old in the park and talked with him for quite awhile. shrugs I really didn't think I'd be in any danger. He's a little old man, and I'm probably twice his size. Besides, there aren't -too- many loonies in Japan, are there? :)(Of course the rest of the group made fun of me the whole way back. They seemed to think he was hitting on me. laughs I wouldn't doubt it, but I did enjoy speaking with him. He even showed me a small coffee shop and bought me a cup of coffee. He also told me about the bands were playing in the park that day, and pointed it out on the map where they were. =) I think I had more fun roaming around by myself the last couple days, than I did hanging out with the rest of the group. :))

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