December 10 2000 at 5:33 PM

Response to here's a little something..

Seeing how were all nothing but 'retardid munkies pokin keybords wit there dingdongs,' I'll keep it short

Next time you want to go on the honesty tip remember the Tom Waits lyric "I'll tell you all my secrets but I'll lie about my past. . . " Think of the movie Chasing Amy, put yourself in her shoes, do you really want to find out the girl your falling in love with, or want to, was fingercuffs or a travelling fuck queen in her past days? You deal with these kinds of questions after many years of love if staying in love is your kind'a business.

Now I know dick all about love but it's been made plain she is not reseptive to the idea. Did you want to fall in love travelling round Japan? So I would just suck it up and take it as a man. It sounds like you've been crawling for awhile so let her know full on how you feel (try to give her a night of hot sex :))then walk away with a loss, but tell her your walking away with the reasons that you just can't do it - you've seen this move before. If she's worth her salt she'll come back - if not just go back to Japan for a month or so, you'll forget
Thus Spake Mikathustra.

(sorry this post is so damn serious in tone, I get this Achilies like sense of battle when it comes to huntin birds)

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