I have a syndrome named after me!
June 6 2001 at 3:23 PM

Response to I'm sure we had a thread about this before..

I really have achieved something in Japan! I have joined the esteemed ranks of Down and China.

Anyways, thanks guys for your advice. I hope you didn`t think I was complaining about my life here in Japan, because that really wasn`t my aim at all. I honestly feel blessed by the gods of fornication to be here. I actually started the thread by asking Oscar what he thought would be a good career for a guy like me, but I now realize this isn`t a career counseling discussion board, so I`ll work on that one myself from now on. (Unless anybody has any bright ideas..see my original post)

What drove me to ask our esteemed sage the original question was the mental pickle I`m stuck in. You see, after college graduation I tought ESL in Thailand for two years, then returned home to the States. I thought it was just my little after school fling before joining the rat race, but I had Asia in my blood and yearned to return. Especially because I think Asian babes are totally hot. So after a couple years of the salaryman grind I got back on an airplane and here I am, back in Japan. My plan was to save a little money and go back to school, but that`s gone to hell because I go out every weekend trying to meet more and more babes. I know this sounds pathetic but I`m just really horny and the women in this country are so beautiful to me. I even have a regular who comes over a couple days a week for a shag.

So what`s the problem? The problem is I don`t know what to go back to school for. When I was in San Francisco after Thailand I was in marketing and sales which was somewhat interesting, but I worked like a dog and started way down the totem pole. So I`m thinking should I go to business school? What a change that would be because I used to be bong totting hippy for fucks sake.

Business life was OK, but really stressful the office politics were complete bullshit, Nothing like this current job I have. Here I sit on my arse all day and get paid for it. My job involves flirting with office ladies for an hour at a time. I know I don`t want to teach English for more than a year or two, for as somebody posted, I`m getting on in the years and losing my youthful good looks, so I really need to settle down with a nice girl and decent paying job.

So, this gets me back to the original point of my post.
Can anybody suggest a career for a guy like me. I basically have two interests in life, Asian babes and sitting on my arse.


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