Criteria for being a YD
July 31 2001 at 7:34 PM

I have only just begun to "dabble" in this forum so excuse me for what I am about to ask. With reference to age, what actually qualifies a person as a YD. Is there an official age limit/range? Is this based on actual years lived or on the mind set of the individual? If one has passed the age limit can a display of appropriate imature behavior count as lack of life experience credit? Is there a senior division of the YD's if the answers to the above referenced inquiries are all no? Please refrain from answering until Kawama and Oscar have rendered their interpretations first. I have noticed that topics are usually best debated and fully examined when they have set a certain "tone" in their initial answers. Gaylord, please disregard. You tend to piss everyone off and end up confusing the topic. Having said that, I know you will proboably do it anyway so everyone else please ignore him as you have always done.

Thanks for your opinions


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