good times and bad :)
May 15 2001 at 3:03 AM

Response to The shittiest day of your life..

Hmmmm. I tend to try to forget them. Probably the worst day I've ever had was the one my mother grabbed me around the neck...There was a bit misunderstanding in that. I won't get into that. Either that or the day I found out a dear friend of mine died. But that's bad depressing...I have better moronic stories to tell.

Hmm there was that time I racked up a 200 dollar phonebill calling some old friends. (I paid it off in full out of my paycheck :P) Or the time I accidently broke an 80 dollar pane of glass (I paid for that one too), or the time I scratched up some strangers car door (I was fairly young, so a good long guilt trip from my family taught me to be more careful. The lady who owned it was fairly nice. She said it was only a small scratch, and she didn't want anything to cover it. I think seeing a little girl crying sort of made her feel a bit sorry for me or something..Maybe that's the tactic my parents had in mind ;p) ....Or the "candle" incident has to be the funniest, but there's no way in hell I'd post that up on the board. That's beyond embarassing. (Ask me sometime in chat if you'd really like to hear it.)

Hmm the best day of my life... I've had too many 'good' things happen. Probably the car chat with dad a few years ago. It was pretty sappy (since he was trying to apologize for my mom's behavior, and trying to give some 'rational' behind it), but it's not very often I hear the words "I love you" in a sentence, so it struck home. To tell you the truth, I don't think he's said it to me since. Although I think it's better to show someone you love them than to actually say it. You can easily say something without ever truly meaning it.

Probably best time I've ever had in my life would have to be the full two weeks I was in Japan. From those two weeks alone, I had enough stories to tell friends and family for weeks.

Let me get back to you on "Tara's Dumbest Moment". I have so many silly moments I need to weed through. Some are the kind that are only funny if you had been there.


P.S. Chris~ Hopefully that guy left you in one piece. If it were me, I would of tried to burn the right copy after he left, and just tell him you grabbed the wrong CD or something. Let him keep the free copy of HalfLife, if you're able, and hope he'll blow his steam off playing a game or two of that. Sometimes, 'little white lies' don't hurt too much, and usually everyone loves a freebie. (Of course maybe that wasn't possible)

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