it's still heaven
April 26 2002 at 9:38 PM

well it's 5:30am and i just came home from a blinder of a night at byblos. about a 30%:70% guy:girl ratio and of those 70% about 80%+ are absolute stunners. and did i mention, zero gaijin except for me and my two mates who came along. and of course, being the only 6'6" dude in the club there was plenty of attention. only problem was i arrived there with two super hot chicks, one for me, one for my mate (the other buddy was left out unfortunately). and what does my dumbass pillock mate do, but decide to go home alone, after having his girl all over him all night. this left me with two honeys only slightly drunk so i couldn't talk them both into coming to my place (only 660yen away), and the girl i was with was keen as mustard (and told me as much as we were dancing it up) and had one of the hottest bodies i have seen on a jgirl. total hourglass figure, big cans, nice ass and a tiny waist. if i wasn't so tired from dancing up a storm i would be pissed off right now about missing out on some.

oh well, maybe next time ne?

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