Dude they do come...
April 27 2001 at 1:29 PM

Response to further thoughts

But pardon me for pointing out that unless you're like Osc and you've had a few ex-pat years in an English-speaking country or have been studying English for quite a few years, it's bloody difficult to understand this site. Women like TMI, Miya, and the like are pretty rare in their great ability of English. Many more women go to the Japanese version (linked on the front), but not so many gaijin guys write in there so much, guess why? because they can't understand the Japanese.
Trust me, I do get a few mails from Japanese women saying they wished they could understand the site better so that they could contribute in the forum, and I have written back saying they shouldn't feel threatened, but hey, it's quite embaressing to try to converse in another language you're not so familiar with. After talking with them I incorporated a slang dictionary onto a couple of the pages. Still hasn't helped much though.

What can I say? japanese women are obviously not too chatty, but trust me, I know for certain quite a few visit the forum.

Hey Japanese ladies out there, say 'GENKI!!!'..

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