June 7 2001 at 11:47 PM

Response to Sorry...

There's a hell of alot of other stuff other than ufos and coincidences that we know jack shit about. we're practically living in an orwellian world right now. And in about a couple of 100 years I can see our world being just like the one depicted in the book "1984". There's a few powerful families pulling all the strings right now and they have been for all of time. Divided peoples are easier to control, be it race religion, or borders. nothing pisses me off more than people who read the papers and watch cnn and think they're more informed than anyone else when in fact they're being blinded by their own ignorance. And I hate hearing skeptics come up with stupid irrational explanatians for unexplained phenomena. The last american election was a complete joke. Make it look super close to exemplify what a great and fair democracy the united states of america is. in most countries in the west you have a choice between 2 dipshits who basically are exactly the same, out of populations of 100's of millions of people. Why can't I vote for my buddy lenny, he's smarter than bush, put everybodys name on the fuckin ballot and that's a democracy. Ok that might be a little extreme but you know what I mean. And whats with 2 bushes being president in ten years
fucked up shit yo.

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