For all of you, esp No Name....Read this!!
August 23 2000 at 2:27 AM

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I'd like to tell you a story of a young man, 19 years of age, and extremely inexperienced with girls. Not that he was bad looking or anything, but his eye-sight was terrible, which caused him to wear thick glasses that made him look like Rick Moranis right up until his 17th birthday when he had somthing done about it. He'd had nothing but insults from the women in his life, yet he'd fall in love with the girl that even gave him a mild kiss on the cheek. He'd been lonely since birth, which was good in a way, because he learnt to treat other's kindly despite their bad characteristics, not like other people had treated him in the past..shit that guy really wished that he could just be Tom Cruise. But the loneliness was a catalyst for his creative doings, so musically and artisticly he was talented above the normal, although he was a bit of a dip-shit with fixing cars and other 'boy' stuff.
That kid used to dream of having a special someone in his life - he knew how he'd treat her so damn good, and be such a perfect gentlemen, better than the shit guys he'd seen around him who seemed to use women like cum-rags to be chucked when they were finished, and then laugh about it. Yeah, he knew what women liked, he'd read all about it, and pestered the few females he actually knew about what made women happy..he even enjoyed reading romance novels, and genuinely believed that he could be this Mr.Perfect that all these chicks out there were looking for.. To top that, he'd been going down the gymn five times a week, so he had a body to match a handsome face which he could now see in the mirror through his new contact lenses.

But he didn't want to go out with those girls that had treated him like shit before, so when he met a lovely Japanese woman one day (who seemed so kind and sweet compared to them), who agreed to go the cinema with him, he fell head over heels in love with her before the second date. He remembers every second of the time spent with her, everything from her perfume to her shoes. She saw how much he truly loved her, and she gave back everything he gave her. They were the kind of couple that people can look at and say 'Those two were born for each-other'..She fulfilled his every desire, and every time he held her in his arms, he felt a kind of desperation that one day it might all end, that the re-assurances of life-time love were all just lies. He swore it would never be him that broke up the relationship, and that he would do everything in his power to keep her his.

So when she went back to Japan to work, naturally, he soon followed. He met up with her for lunch, but to be honest, he started to realise all the attention that he was getting from other girls. And DAMN those girls were groovy too. He started thinking that he was some hot shit now that he was the new kid on the block around the downtown nightclubs, but his girlfriend noticed the change that came over him and didn't think much of it. He'd been a sweet, honorable, and devoted boyfriend before, but here he was in front of her, an arrogant, boisterous prick, who'd lost many of his best qualities, and didn't realise it until way, way too late. She left him, and he thought 'I'm free', and jumped from one girls bed to the next on a regular basis. He came, he saw, screwed (shouldn't that be, he saw, he screwed, then he came?)..he had girls that should've been on the cover of magazines, strippers, hostess's. Poor bugger was like, personality in a woman? that sin't goooood..

After a while, his mind drifted on to his ex, he thought of how lovely she was, with her confidence, her beautiful voice, her kind smile as he looked up at her as she used to stroke his hair. He realised he was losing her, and desperately began to write to her often, telling her that he still loved her despite what he'd done..for her to forgive him. but she deserved better, and it was too late. ..out of sheer loneliness he followed the gaijin path, screwing every girl he could get his hands on in Japan, believing that they could replace the original one that he still loved so dearly. But they were never good enough, or even if they seemed like they could be, they'd always be gone in the morning leaving a note reading 'Tanoshikatta' he was, in babe paradise, but he realised that paradise is never what it seems like at first. Sure, he could go out to a club, grab a sexy girl and screw her senseless, but half-way through doing it he'd be thinking 'It doesn't matter, I don't love her, what's wrong with me?'..All too soon he craved for his ex back.

The next thing he knew, he read a letter from her sent to his home in the UK saying that she had found a Japanese boyfriend, so the relationship was over. He couldn't sleep for two days after reading that, it was like a thousand knives in his heart.
His little girl, his special somebody that had come along and the fool, he hadn't even realised it. He'd lost her and there was no going back. Even now as he closes his eyes at night, often he has fleeting images of her in times of his life when they've been together, shopping together, walking along the street, the simple stuff, but always together.

The moral of this story is, don't worry No Name, because some of us wish that we could be just like you, sensitive and good. That girl you're talking about will realise what a decent, honest, and thoughtful guy you are, and you'll end up together. The only advice I'll give you is, you gotta make it obvious, you know? okay, so you could end up losing her friendship, but that's the risk--if you're not pushy about it then she'll feel relaxed with you. Oh, and one last thing, physical contact goes a long way in speeding that arm, just a friendly hug and, you know, touching that arm when you talk to her sometimes..great stuff. Listening to you reminds me of that scene in City Slickers when Billy Crystal's talking to Curly about love and Curly says 'yep, I thought I fell in love once when I saw a girl with beautiful red hair pickin corn in a field once..didn't talk to her cause I kinda figured that lookin' was as good as it gets', Billy Crystals reaction was the correct one, he was like 'Oh yeah...hang on, NO! that's not, you know, you missed out on what could have been something fantastic, just because you were too chickenshit to talk to the damn girl'..

No Name..get that girl..take hold of her like nothing else in your life dude,and don't let it slip away cause I'm telling you, it only takes one to make your dreams come true.

p.s oh yeah, if you dumb-schmucks didn't figure it out already, the guy in the story was Yours Truly.

Dedicated to Maiko..I still miss you peach.

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