Pretending to be spontanious
September 6 2002 at 4:33 AM

Response to What I can't believe...

Japanese writer Emi Yamada claims she never rewrites and submits the first draft as her manuscript. She even "proves" it by making her first draft public.

Her secret is obvious. She memorizes her works line by line and edits it in her mind. Although her works rarely exceeds 200 pages, it is still quite a feat. But it can be done. (When I was writing my first work, I had about 500 pages memorized and I would tinker with the words and phrases at my leisure.)

This explaines why she writes exceedingly slowly for a spontaneous writer. Perhaps one work per year. And that less than 150 pages long.

I guess it is cool to look spontaneous. Emi Yamada would be much better off finacially if she dropped the act and started writing more but she won't.


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