The problem . . . .
June 3 2001 at 3:42 AM

Response to Near-Zero: An Essay

. . . is in the title. Those who didn't like it probably would have or at least not had strong feelings about it had it not been labeled essay.

Based on Osc's past stuff I can't belive he really worked hard on this - a write, a re-read, a post, is how I imagine it happening. Maybe he typed it directly into the forum. The sentences are short, angry and lack any control. Had it not been branded essay it wouldn't have generated criticism - it reads like a rant.

The criticism "this made me pity Osc" I see as a positive rather then a negative. That is of course contingent on the pity being produced by what his words mean not how they were strung together.

-mike who's going to the table to try his hand at an essay


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