Looks like someone finally woke up
April 26 2002 at 4:40 AM

Response to Holy Shit! Wow, Oscar.......

I've been telling them to do this sort of thing all along. Got banned from their forum three times for doing it.

Well, I'd like to congratulate the Asianguy.com guys for finally waking up.

But so far as I can tell from Bertie and "Oh no! He didn't!" and "What's the problem?" articles, these guys really have a long way to go.

My favorite quote:
"What is it with Asian guys and Banana Republic? I think they need to have some sense of originality!"

This one sent me rolling on the floor laughing!

Asianguy.commers should heed the advice of yakuza boss Noboru Andou:
"Onna ga hoshikerya otoko wo migake!"


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