It Is Interesting...
May 24 2002 at 7:18 AM

Response to My Theory see how Japan is reacting to the World Cup. From what I can make on the news the players are being treated like gods, most of the locals I have spoken to here are excited to see each team arriving but by far the most amusing aspect is the "family atmosphere" Japan is/has given to the games. In the UK, the only other world cup news we hear about apart from the games themselves, is how a bunch of pissed up beer driven hooligans tore apart a local cafe or started hurling bricks at the police station. I always feel just that little bit worried when I see adverts of all those happy Japanese smiling faces going to see the games hand in hand, Do they really know what to expect?

Anyway regardless the expectations, I wish Japan the best of luck and hope the season goes well. I do not want to get pulled over by the police on the basis that I am a "hooligan looking" gaijin!

James_D (who is still struggling with this fricking laptop)

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