Rie Miyazawa
April 10 2001 at 6:35 PM
Johnny Chicago 

Response to Hard to say...

In the DVD for Hana-Bi Kitano talks about his motivations for writing the film. He mentioned how his motorcycle accident caused him to realize his own mortality and value his wife and kid. Kitano said that he had a girlfriend before the accident, but she left him at his lowest point. His wife stuck by him though. I never realizede that the woman he was talking about was Rie Miyazawa.

She's damn hot, but seems like an unbalanced girl. I'd never guess that she was half-Dutch just by looking at her. Didn't she go through an anorexic phase and try to commit suicide? She's also been around quite a bit. Last I heard she broke up with her fiance, Sumo superstar Takanohana. It always amazed me how those sumo guys can land such hot chicks. You'd think that the women they meet would be scared as hell to sleep with them.

Hey Oscar, can sumo guys still have sex? I figure that they'd need to be pretty well endowed to get their erection past all the surrounding fat. Sorry for the nightmarish imagery, but I really want to know how they manage to keep the beautiful women they attract satisfied.

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