Clarification required
November 9 2001 at 9:43 PM

Response to Qualification

Do you mean that Asian prostitutes cannot be "seedy", that "Western" prostitutes are universally "seedy"?

I think we all have to get our heads out of the "seedy" thinking. Certainly there is a "seedy" side to the prostitution business, east or west. But it is more often that not generated and perpetuated by the customer, not the prostitute(s).

Hyprocisy shows up all too easily in men's stance on this matter. An ill-designed survey would undoubtedly show that the great majority of men perceive prostitution as "low, disgusting, seedy, etc." and that a man using a prostitute reflects a status of "sick, perverted, loser, etc." But since there are so many millions of prostitutes in the world, there must be billions of customers for them! So who's kidding who?

The core of the issue is the male's insecurity - the belief that using a prostitute makes him less of a "man". THAT is what I would call "seedy" - a self-imposed prison.


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