August 2 2001 at 2:29 AM

Response to Sex and Affection

Thanks guys,

It's kind of a point
but little different from what I want to ask..

This is the story..
I had met an american guy who came to Tokyo three weeks ago.
I have no special emotion with this guy at first.
But he liked me from the first(He didn't say
that to me directly but he talked to my friends)
He is one y/o younger than me.

He is new in Tokyo, so I helped him sometimes,
to get a cell phone and so on..

I had several date with him and I getting like him so much.
We have a lot of common. work, music, interest, food..etc.
I found that he was kind, smart, fun and respect people.

So oneday I stayed his place.

But he changed from the day.
He stopped seeing me. When I asked him a few times
'You don't see me anymore?' he said 'I really do, but just busy.'

Now I don't care about that (Although my heart got damaged).
I wanna ask.. Hey guys, am I thoutless and stupid?

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