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August 24 2000 at 7:06 AM
No name 

Response to For all of you, esp No Name....Read this!!

Kris, thanks a lot for that post. I really appreciate it.

Thing about physical contact is, *she`s* been initiating it. That`s how I got the notion she was attracted to me. Even when we were sitting there talking after my Kokuhaku, she would touch my arm or leg from time to time. So, I dunno what I could do to improve my situation as to that...

Also, I didn`t bother asking her about why she does it because I don`t want to bring it to her attention. I like it, of course, so if I ask her about it, she might get in her mind that it`s inappropriate or something. Or maybe I`m just overthinking.

I`m telling you though, things seem great. We went to Joypolis yesterday and had a great time. I still can look at her and get her to smile, and we still look at each other from time to time when something happens, both knowing exactly what the other is thinking. The only thing that seems to have changed is that now she knows that I feel very strongly about her...I don`t know if I`ve diluted myself and am actually going through stages of depression or something, but I feel free around her now. I don`t have anything to hide. I hope she decides she likes me in the same way, hopefuly before I leave, but anytime she thinks she`s ready is fine with me. But, I can only do so much.

She also said something that maybe made me feel this way...I said that now I wouldn`t have anything to be excited about, becuase now I`ve told her how I feel, there`s nothing to look forward to. But, she said that having another person know how you feel about them could be an exciting feeling as well, because there`s always a chance they`ll decide they do like you in that way. That made me feel like it was more like the start of something rather than the end.

Anyway, the coolest thing is that, when I`m with her, and it`s been like this from the start, I don`t think really think about love or sex or whatever...we just have a great time. So I think I can live with this for the time being. I`ll let everyone know how things proceed from here on out if there`s anything new to tell. Thanks again.

No name


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