How do Dudes live in Europe??
September 1 2002 at 2:16 PM

Paris was gorgeous! Damn! the chicks were fine!
But I was travelling with the wife and kids so of course I never noticed these things.

So what did I notice?
There weren't any vending machines, THAT is what I noticed.
The kids got thirsty and they couldn't find any.
When I got back to Japan, I wanted a coke, but the first vending machine didn't have the size of can I wanted so I looked around and found five more vending machines within a thirty meter radius and found the size of can I wanted.

It was pretty hard to understand why the streets were deserted on a Saturday at ten in the morning. People don't start walking the streets till 3pm. Then all the stores close at five! How on earth do these people shop for anything?

If I ever make the move to Europe, I don't know how I can possiblly survive without the 100hr workweek. How do people in Europe cheat on their wives anyway? When you rutinely come home at 1am, your wife will not even notice that you were not home until 3am one day. But if you always come home at 7pm, how do you create an alibi? You'll have to make all sorts of excuses and that leads to problems.

And how can you possiblly get any work done on 40 hours a week? I know people who space out 40 hours in a week! I personally can't get my engine rolling until about 4pm. Real work starts about 10pm.
I'd die of boredom if I went home at 5!

And how can you get home at 6 or 7 and suffer Romperoom fairytales for six hours a day??!! You can create a happy peaceful home and appreciate it because you don't have to live with it very much. Who wants live in Better Home and Gardens half his life? No wonder the Germans built autobahns. You've got to scorch the earth someplace !!

The French may have invented love and built the Louvre, but they are not a bunch of fags. There are some tough dudes over there. I wonder how they manage to live?

So here is a cultural question from Oscar.
How do dudes live in Europe??


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