An American says...
August 1 2001 at 3:42 AM
Kaiser J 

Response to Just My Point

Judging from what I know about
American high-school texts,
it's all oversimplified garbage.
The Americans are all squeaky clean
and never did anything bad... a few
bombs and so on, but it advanced the
frontiers of the Free World...
that is, the American Empire.

To summarize... my propaganda contradicts
your propaganda but it's all okay
because lies against lies is not
a valid argument.

Oh... don't talk to Chinese or Koreans like
this. We are talking major no-no here.
Exploding Asians... don't even mention this
stuff if you think the person you're talking
to doesn't completely worship your
pathetic existence. Really. They'll
go into anti-imperialist-white-male mode!

Always agree with the Chinese and the Koreans
and hope they'll find out they're wrong later?
Well, that's not exactly going to work.
You'll get your spy plane back in pieces.

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