I just saw . . .
June 7 2001 at 7:42 PM

Response to Directors

... Full Metal Jacket for the first time this week. That movie was BAD ASS! That and Apocalypse Now are EASILY the best Vietnam movies out there! I haven't seen enough of Kubrick yet to say he's a favorite though - plus Eyes Wide Shut and The Shinning sucked ass.

Kurosawa is the dog's balls! I haven't seen all his stuff, I have about half a dozen to go, but Ikiru and Seven Samurai are the ones I'd put in a time capsule.

If I was to say I have a favorite director I guess it would be Woody Allen though. The shame is he as been going down hill for awhile - Deconstructing Harry was probably his last really good film. My favorites are Annie Hall, Crimes and Misdemeanors and Another Women. Annie Hall I could watch three times in a row. It just appeals to me. I think it is because I relate strongly to the Woody Allen protagonist of that period. Another Women and Crimes and Misdemeanors were just awesome fucking plots! So well done!!!

All that said, Bananas is one of the funniest movies ever made and Everyone Says I Love You was a damn good attempt at a post 1970's Hollywood Musical.

In the breath of musical, I just saw Moulin Rouge. I dug it though the plot was weak when the singing and dancing stopped. The movie was pure spectacle - if your a fan of the circus and 1980's 1990's pop music check it out.

I pick the movies I'm going to see almost solely by director. Right now I'm trying to cut through Felini and Bergman though I'm going to check out some Croninberg(sp) as I've been hearing alot about him lately.

yeah, as if this post doesn't make it clear, I'm a movie fanatic - it's the one thing I miss more then anything being locked into this nazi japanese class. All that said, I think I'm going to rent something after I get out of this damn Language Lab!



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