This says it all
May 2 2001 at 4:12 PM

Response to I think it's likely...

This one statistic I found on TC says a lot about who reads the zine, and who contributes to it. The current poll is about whales. (

All told, 20% of the respondants are cool with whaling at some level, while a staggerng 80% oppose it. This probably isn't the place to discuss it, or maybe it is, but that's not important. Failing to understand why most Japanese either support whaling or have no opinion until self-righteous western countries force them to take an opinion -- that is an example of the kind of dunderheaded gaijin stupidity that seems to make their life so quirky and goofy that they feel compelled to write badly about it in every rag, zine, and soc and alt dot newsgroup that exists.

Just chill, fellow gaijin, and pass me a bit of kujira jerky...



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