I'll tell you a REAL story about a morgue
January 22 2001 at 7:02 AM

Response to aahhhhhhh Hannibal.....

When a patient dies in an University Hospital and the family agrees to an autopsy, it is mandatory for all interns to go down to the wet room and make the best of the educational opportunity. Everyone wears rubber gloves, though you are rarely asked to touch anything, and showercaps, though the corpes can't mind a few stray hairs, and masks, though unneccesary....or so I thought. I was too gung-ho and macho to dress up in full protective clothing. Besides, the mask over my mouth and nose clouds up my glasses.

The pathology guys are real pros. They slice through the corpse and gather all the data needed and then some in about 45 minutes. In an hour the whole thing is over and the brains, guts and all the organs are resected, weighed, photographed, labled, and pickled in formaline with offending lesions like tumors taken out to be studied later. Unlike surgery on live people, they use a scalpel big enough to be a table knife and a pair of serrated tweezers like ice tongs. With the tweezers in the left hand and scalpel in the right hand, they zip through there job like sushi chefs gutting fish. I was watching them in amazement when one of the guys pulled too hard with his tweezers and a piece of flesh snapped of the corpse and flew into my mouth. The shock made me swallow it before I could respond with a cough. The piece was too small to taste, but the fact is the fact. I had eaten a piece of raw human flesh.

On with the mask next time.

Oscar the cannibal


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