Finding this site - important -
May 8 2002 at 6:20 PM

Response to Perhaps...

There was a time when there weren't so many sites on the net about Japan, much less foreigners in Japan. I spent heaps of time on the internet during my first few years as a computer geek, including last summer, and I must admit I think I saw them all. Yahoo! searches, Google searches, Metacrawler searches; then visit EVERY site (most sucked). I must have viewed tens of thousands (come to think of it, I still have my history for the last couple years). During all this I never saw YD, nor a link to it. Not once.

Something very interesting happened the other day. I was at school, where they have ethernet web access. I forgot the YD site addy, so I headed over to a search engine. "YD?" Nothing. "Young Dudes?" Nothing. "Guide to Japan?" No such luck. I tried a million permutations on the name but no matter how much "power search" or what engine, I never found the site.

Perhaps most interesting of all, I did the same thing on the Network 54 site trying to find the forum. Same damn thing. So, I finally went to the nearest site (where I originally found the link) And tried to click over to the mainpage from there. No go. Well my school's web config may just be fucked up, they recently put up a firewall and those guys don't know POP from HTTP, so who knows. But it was weird that I never could "find" the YD site (BTW, tried this later at home, with the same results).

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