Nice Guy..
May 6 2002 at 11:59 AM

Response to Digressions... a fucking whole lot of them

My of all great story. You have serious writing talent..Secondly you sound really deep down inside like a "nice guy." Don't be too hard on yourself. Just the fact that you are having this serious inner self reflection on hurting others (women) and not only don't want to hurt this girl, but sounds like any other girl for that matter is a noble thing. And all at the young age of probably 21 right? took me years of playing and partying and breaking hearts before I stopped and said.."You crule bastard, stop the bullshit, people are getting hurt!" Way past 21 for me before I stopped. And even now I get the urge to bullshit in order to get jiggy..if you know what I mean. We're guys, that's what we do..we try and get laid. With the way you are feeling you sound like you got a good heart and and a good spirit. An old proverb, "It is always the right time to do the right thing." I think the right thing in this case is to let her move on. Tell her to and hope for the best. Will you hurt her..yea most likely. Will you hurt her worse if you let her sit around in Japan getting older and not finding a man she could be with? Definitely. Sucks huh? Remeber there is nothing more pathetic than a guy who calls up his old squeezes, who still love him, when he's horny or lonely. You gotta let her off the hook Dude so she can move on. Good luck..

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