Attn Oscar: Virgin Killer's Battlefield Debriefing
April 25 2002 at 11:24 PM

Hi All,

Just wanted to relate my latest endeavor to bed a J-Chick. Don't expect any great saga. This is a pretty generic situation that probably any AAA has faced. I've got a pretty good idea of where I'm going and how I'll get there.

However, I thought it would be interesting if any of the old masters (especially Oscar) had any words of wisdom on what my next move should be. After all, part of the fun of this site is to hear others chip in with their opinions on how best to accomplish the mission.

Anyway, on to the story~

Monday Afternoon, I had just finished working out. As I was leaving the gym, I walked past the computer lab and noticed an Asian cutie sitting at one of the terminals. When I signed out, I noticed an Japanese name on the sign-in list for the computer lab. I was surprised as I don't see too many Japanese girls at my school. Usually, they turn out to be Chinese.

I immediately do an about face and head to the Computer Lab ostensibly to surf the internet. Soon enough, I struck up a conversation. She seemed eager to talk and we started with some fairly routine chit chat. I was surprised that she was so receptive. After all, I was wearing crappy old work-out clothes and I was covered in sweat.

Shortly thereafter, I asked her if she had a husband/boyfriend. She said she was single. She then put the question to me. I told her that I wasn't single.

A lot of guys might have lied. However, I figure this is the fastest way to create seriously fu#k%d up situation that would be unpleasant for everyone involved. I think it's far better to be honest and let the chips fall where they may.

Eventually, we end up talking about majors and she immediately thought I might be a good source of advice. She's having some troubles with her landlord and asked if I could give her some advice. I listened to her problems and told her I'd research it. We exchanged e-mails and I left the lab.

The next day, I e-mail her and tell that maybe I should take a look at her lease agreement. Perhaps over lunch? She agreed and the next day we met at a neighborhood restaurant. We end up chit chatting about everything but her problem. She mentions that she has sore shoulders from working out. I made a mental note of this and ordered her one of those sugary, sweet alcoholic drinks that chicks around the world seem to love.

As expected, the drink loosened her up and she seemed to get really relaxed. I suggested that we go back to her place to look at her lease agreement. She declined saying her place was embarrassingly messy. I then suggested that we go back to my place.

On the way home, we pass a liquor store and I spontaneously suggest that we buy some sake (I had called the night before to make sure they had some). She was a bit reluctant, but she agreed without too much prodding. We ended up grabbing some plum wine and heading for my place.

Once home, we broke out the wine and relaxed on the sofa. She wanted to see a picture of my significant other, so I broke out the photo albums. I consciously chose one that only had a few pics of my other J-Chick.

As we huddled together, I placed my hand in the small of her back and pulled her closer. When the photos were done, I offered to give her a shoulder massage and I pulled her to the floor intending for her to sit in front of me and let me rub her "sore" shoulders. To my surprise, she laid face down on the carpet. She realized that this wasn't what I intended and she quickly sat up in front of me. I silently cursed at not reacting quicker. My past experiences have taught me that massaging a J-Chick face down on the carpet inevitably and almost immediately leads to bigger and better things.

In a hilarious essay previously posted to the site, it explained that it was crucial to establish "groping rights" the first time that a J-Chick visits your apartment. The essay swears that once this is established, the J-Chick (regardless of whether she's single or married) will definitely sleep with you on her next visit.

In the end, I gave her a full body massage. I didn't quite reach the groping stage, but I definitely reached a few areas that should be considered "out of bounds" for an innocent massage. It seemed clear that I wasn't going to see any action today, so I took my time and didn't rush things.

Finally, the time came for her to take off and she asked if she could come over tomorrow to so we could work on her problem some more. She left and I began to contemplate my next move....

Which leads me to compose this post. Things seem to be heading in the right direction. However, I'd enjoy hearing the more experienced among us chip in with their .02. Also, does my full body massage entitle me to "full groping rights" on her next visit or can I skip this stage and just go for the "gusto?"

As always,

The Virgin Killer


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